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Rachel steele son blackmails mom intfucking
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Druids Ordeal Chapter 1 by E.Y. Toad To Ronak my Betrothed, or whoever may find this letter: My name is Dahlia. I am a 19 year old human female. I am an initiate druid studying under Arch Druid Westrell in the Grove of Tranquility. I am now being held captive; a slave to the perverse desires of an evil man. I beg of you, please see that this letter reaches Ronak. He is a half-elf fletcher's apprentice in the Elven city of Fellgar. I swear that you will be suitably rewarded for your effort.

Four nights ago, I was traveling with Westrell and several fellow initiates. We were returning from a visit to a nearby grove. We were not told why we made this journey, but I gather it was of some importance. It was said in whispers that we were transporting some type of magical artifact, but I know nothing of its nature or what purpose it may serve. Westrell had told us months ago about Arch Druid Kelmane from a grove down south. He had been ejected from the order when it was discovered that he had also been practicing the dark arts, and he was now trying to build an alliance between the dark clans from all over Revaria.

Rumor had it that our journey was related to this threat. I don't know anything about that, but I know that Westrell was very quiet on our way back home and had a package he kept very close to him at all times. It was late on the second night towards home. We had made a small camp and many of the initiates were already sleeping. I had wandered off to see if I could find some Bitterleaf.

I'd heard that it grows in this area and it can be used in powerful magic. As I returned to the camp, I heard screams, howls and much commotion.

Just as I got to the clearing I saw that we had been set upon by a band of Gnolls. Gnolls are a race resembling a cross between a dog and a man.

They are about 5 - 6 feet tall, with the face of a dog, but walk upright like a man. Most carry a sword, and a whip as a secondary weapon. They are filthy and savage creatures. I stopped at the edge of the clearing and hid in some bushes, not knowing what to do. There were so many of them, probably 25 or more. As I watched, several of them grabbed Westrell and were trying to tear the package from his arms.

Westrell busty blonde milf julia ann fingers her pussy free of teacher and student xxx hot sex vodeos, chanted some words and disappeared in a flash of blue light. He had abandoned us to fend for ourselves! Was this an act of cowardice? I did not want to believe that. Whatever was in that package must have been very important; apparently more important than our lives.

My fear turned to horror as I saw what occurred next. Once they realized the package was gone, they grabbed poor Aleeda, stripped her clothes off and two gnolls held her face down on the ground. The gnoll who appeared to be the leader barked loudly at Aleeda as he repeatedly brought his whip down on her bare back, ass and legs. Poor Aleeda screamed as I have never heard anyone scream before.

The gnoll leader appeared to be interrogating her. None of us besides Westrell knows the gnoll language and gnolls are unable to speak Common because of the shape of their mouths, so she could not have even understood the question, let alone answer it.

At one point, brave Arlis jumped up and tried to grab the whip from the gnoll leaders hand. He was quickly run through with a sword and collapsed on the ground. After a few minutes of this, Aleeda appeared to have passed out.

The gnolls then went wild and started tearing the clothes off of the other initiates. Besides myself and Arlis, there were 4 female and 2 male initiates. The gnolls were in a blind rage, whipping and gang raping the initiates.

They were all raped multiple times, including in their mouths and asses. Even the men did not escape these despicable acts.

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It was horrible. They were being held up off the ground at both ends as one gnoll raped them in their vagina or ass, while another raped them in their mouth. It was hard to see from this distance, but the gnolls had huge reddish-colored penises, probably 8-10 inches long, almost as thick as my wrist and with what looked like pea-sized bumps all over them. Real cfnm femdom sucking subject infront of her voyeurs initiates screamed the entire time.

I know they were all virgins since that is a requirement to become an initiate. How horrible it must have been for them. I could not bear to see any more of this and turned my head away. My mind raced trying to decide what I should do. I know a few minor spells, but nothing that could handle two gnolls, let along all of them. I decided I needed to survive to return to the grove and relate to the elders what happened.

I would stay hidden until they left so I would not be detected. I was far too scared to move anyway. After the screams died down, I looked and the gnolls were sitting around drinking and laughing, if you can call their grunts and yips laughing. The naked initiates just laid on the ground moaning, some with small streaks of blood running down their legs. Occasionally one of the gnolls would walk over and rape one of the initiates again but there was no more screaming.

Once the gnolls had had their fill, they made the initiates stand up and chained them all together. They marched them off to the northwest, to a horrible fate only they and the Gods know. I waited another few minutes to make sure they were gone. Just as I decided it was safe to move, I saw a flash of blue light in the center of the camp.

A tall, older man appeared out of nowhere. He appeared to be about 50 years old. He wore a dark gray robe, a silver headband and several large rings on his fingers. He looked around for several moments as if he was searching for something.

He uttered strange words I had never heard before as his hands lightly glowed.

Suddenly, his head turned directly towards me and we made eye contact. I had been detected! I stood up, jumped out of the bushes and ran as fast as I could to the south. I had only made it a few steps when I heard the man shout some words I had heard before. He was casting a spell of plant control! This spell allows one who is powerful enough to animate plant life in a limited fashion.

I immediately felt roots emerge from the ground and wrap themselves around my feet. I frantically tried to pull them off, but more roots would cover my feet faster than I was tearing them away.

I was trapped! The man slowly walked up to me, taking his time. He knew I was trapped and he was in no hurry. As he approached, I stood up and turned to face him as much as I could with my feet rooted in place. He circled me once and then stood in front of me. "What is your name, girl?" He said. "My name is Dahlia, initiate druid from the Grove of Tranquility." I replied, "Who are you and what is the meaning of this attack?" "My name is not important.

You were traveling with a band of druids, were you not?" He asked. "I was." "Was Arch Druid Westrell among you?" He asked. "I. I am not in the habit of answering the questions of people who refuse to identify themselves!" I protested. With that, he raised one hand and almost casually flipped two fingers towards me, saying a couple of words under his breath.

My head felt as though it were on fire! I slapped my face and head frantically trying to put out a fire that was not there. After a few moments the pain subsided. "Was Arch Druid Westrell among you?" He asked again. "I.

yes. he was." I replied. I saw no harm in telling him that and I just wanted to get out of there and report to my elders. "Did he have any. package with him?" the man inquired. "I think he did, but I don't know what it was. I am just an initiate; I am not privy to that level of information." I said. "Yes. I see. I don't doubt you, girl." he began, ". and you are such a. beautiful girl." I did not like the way he looked at me when he said that.

He kept leering at me for several moments and then gestured my way again, saying a few words under his breath. Suddenly my robe and undergarments started to fade away! I could feel they were still there, but they were becoming invisible! I frantically moved my arms around, trying to bunch up the quickly fading garments to hide my nakedness.

Once the garments were fully invisible, I covered my chest with one arm and my vagina with the other hand. "Ah, ah ah! None of that!" he said, gesturing again as vines descended from a nearby tree and wrapped themselves around my two cute teens elizabeth and jenna foursome on the bed hardcore brunette.

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The vines tightened and pulled up on my arms until they were fully extended over my head. "You ARE a beautiful girl!" he said, with a grin that chilled me to the bone. "Who are you?!" I yelled, "I demand that you release me at once!" "You.

demand?" he asked rhetorically as he walked towards me. I felt so totally helpless, exposed and humiliated. I was spread out and completely naked before a strange man. My beloved Ronak has never so much as glimpsed my breast, let alone my full womanhood. Just as he approached me, my garments started to slowly become visible again.

Is it possible he can't maintain both the invisibility and plant control spells at once? "YOU DEMAND?!" he yelled. I jumped with a start at his tone. "Please. whoever you are.

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release me! I have nothing that will be of use to you!" I pleaded. "Oh, I beg to differ, young one." he said, the evil grin reappearing on his face, "You have much that will be of use to me." As he said this, he grabbed the top of my robe and jerked downwards quite forcefully, ripping the robe from my body, leaving me in only my light undergarments.

"You have MUCH that will be of use to me." he repeated with emphasis, as he placed his hand on my vagina and lightly squeezed. "By the Gods. please. do not do this! I am betrothed! " I begged. "Ah, my sweet virgin princess. you will beg me for more before this night is over!" he said, cackling and turning away from me. He seemed to be meditating or maybe praying for a few minutes.

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I couldn't tell which. He stood up, faced me and made gestures with both hands and spoke a few words, some of which I recognized. What is he doing. it was very familiar. Oh Gods! He was casting a spell of charm. I felt a wave of warmth come over me and felt the roots and vines receding. Even though the plants had released me, I was unable to blonde school girl gets her pussy used elsa dream cum in pussy cream pie. My mind was screaming "Run!" but my body would not girls having lesbo fun romantic and amateur. "On your knees!" he commanded.

I had no choice. I tried to fight it but immediately went to my knees. I was his helpless puppet. "Take my cock in to your mouth!" he demanded, as he pushed his robe aside, exposing his genitals. He was using crude street language, but I new what he meant. Again, I had no choice.

In my mind, I was repulsed and humiliated, but my body instantly obeyed and I took his penis in to my mouth. It tasted rancid. "Ah. sweet, sweet girl." he sighed. He gently started pushing his penis deeper in to my mouth, then almost fully withdrawing it and repeating.

I had heard stories of the prostitutes in the city doing things like this and it always repulsed me. It was even more terrible than I imagined. He stunk of sweat, piss and dung. "Mmmmm. " he moaned as he pushed it almost all the way in.

It went part-way down the back of my throat and gagged me. I wanted to vomit but my body would not cooperate. "Move your tongue around slowly!" he ordered. I immediately, and involuntarily, started massaging the underside of his penis with my tongue. "Lightly massage my balls with your hands!" he said. I was no longer wasting energy fighting it.

I was helpless. By this time his penis was much larger than before, and standing up rigidly. I felt the warmth in my body fading away. I think the charm spell was wearing off and he didn't seem to notice. I was regaining enough control that I probably could have removed my mouth from his penis, but I was buying time until I regained enough control of my body to escape.

I kept massaging his penis with my tongue as I felt control returning to my body. As much as the thought repulsed me, I was planning to bite his penis as hard as I could and then run.

I had almost regained enough control to attempt my escape when he pulled his penis out of my mouth and took a step backwards. "Do not think me such an amateur as to not know the limits of my own spells!" he said, gesturing again to the roots to grasp my feet. At this point I was desperate and tried to cast the only spell I could think of that might be of use. I gestured and spoke the words of the spell of blindness.

"Damn you, girl!" he yelled as he put his arm over his eyes. After the flash had faded, he removed his arm and blinked a few times, trying to focus on me. "Your pitiful attempt at magic has done nothing more than anger me!" He yelled, his vision fully restored. With this, he gestured again to the vines, which came down and pulled my arms high above my head. "Let me see your full beauty, girl!" he said, in a low hushed voice.

Another vine that had been on the ground slowly started sliding up my left leg. It crawled beneath my undergarments, brushing against my vagina and continuing up my stomach.

As it slid between my breast, it came out the top of my undergarment and curled back on itself. With a hard, fast, jerk, it ripped my undergarment off.

I was now fully exposed to him, unable to cover up in any way. "You should not have angered me, girl!" he said, as he removed the leather strap that was holding his robe closed. He circled around behind me and made no other movement or sounds for several moments. "Please. what are you doing?" I asked, turning my head trying to see him I then felt a stripe of pain lash across my ass, burning as if it were on fire.

It was the worst pain I have ever felt. I screamed so loudly it hurt my ears. He reached down, grabbed my undergarment, ripped a piece off and shoved it in my mouth, looking around nervously. Then it began. I long series of lashes up and down my legs, ass and back. Each lash felt as if it were setting my skin afire. I tried to scream, but it was almost completely muffled by the cloth in my mouth. I was in too much pain to count the lashes, but it felt like an eternity.

I thought it would never end. I thought I was dying. He was going to beat me to death, I just knew it. I was sobbing and crying long after he finished whipping me. He stood there, sweating and trying to catch his breath. "Enough of this!" he yelled, and gestured to the vines again. The vines on the ground lifted up and grabbed my arms, as the vine from above wrapped itself around my stomach, pulling upward. I was now bent over a vine, with my arms and feet secured to the ground and my ass fully exposed, legs spread wide apart.

He spit on his fingers and rubbed it in to my vagina and removed his robe. "Xanthula! I commit this virgin to you! Please accept this offering and bless me with a measure of your glorious power!" he yelled skyward, and then mumbled some strange words.

I then felt a great stabbing pain shoot through my vagina and into my pelvis as he rammed his penis fully in to me with one savage stroke. "Ahhhhh!!!" he sighed loudly, as I screamed in to my cloth gag. He continued to pump his penis in and out of me, faster and faster. After several minutes of this, he slowed down and yelled "Gods!

Ah! Eyaaaaahhhh!!!" as I felt a warmth shooting in to me and running down my leg. I could see it was a mixture of what I presume was semen, and traces of blood. As he was in the midst of his ecstasy, the vines started losing their grip. As he pulled his penis out of me, the vines and roots receded away and I fell to the ground, crying and sobbing.

As I lay there, naked and ashamed, I could think of nothing other than my beloved Ronak. This evil man stole my virginity from you. I big ass black girl pounded by a bbc not blame you if you longer want me as your wife. No respectable man would want me now. I laid there for many long minutes, in to much pain to move. The man then grabbed me by the back of the neck and forced me to look at him.

"You have pleased me, girl." he started, "I have decided to let you live." My heart seemed to skip a beat. He was going to let me go! Praise the Gods! "Yes, you will live. at the top of my tower where you will please me at my whim." My hopes completely deflated, I collapsed on the ground, crying and sobbing once again. "You should feel proud, girl. Not many girls have the privilege of being a personal servant of Kelmane!" He proclaimed proudly.

By the Gods!

This man was Arch Druid Kelmane! He pulled me up by my hair and grabbed me around the waist.

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He gestured and spoke a few words. There was a flash of light and were were instantly in a circular room made of stone. There were two small windows but all I could see was the sky. There was a wooden hatch on the floor. We were obviously at the top of his tower. "This is your home now. A servant will bring you food twice a day.

I will summon you when I desire your 'attention'. There is no escape hot japanese babe gives tit job follwed by cumshot uncensored this place. Attempt to leave and it will not go well for you." he said, making a gesture and disappearing in a flash of blue light.

I have been here for 3 days now. I have been fed and have access to a few dusty books and a quill, but I have not seen Kelmane since he brought me here. I wrote this letter on blank pages from the books. I befriended a large crow that had been landing on my window sill. I attached this letter to its leg and asked it to deliver the letter to a druid or other friend of the animals.

I have no idea who this letter may find, or if the crow even understood my request. I can only pray to the Gods that someone can help me. Please. help me.