Sunny leone sex daly moshan

Sunny leone sex daly moshan
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She is in a beautiful tropical paradise yet stuck inside a frigid, dark lascivious lisa ann bounces on cock after oral sex meeting room.

What a waste of good warm sunshine. Her body craves warmth and she longs to lounge by the pool with a tall, refreshing drink and a good mystery. She pulls her sweater tighter around her shoulders to block the chill from the air conditioning and tries to concentrate on the speaker's droning voice.

It's no use, her mind drifts off again, as her eyes roam around the room - scoping out the variety of men. She indulges in a game with herself, trying to zero in on at least one feature that she finds attractive in each guy, then plays out wild sexual fantasies in the safety of her mind. Before the afternoon is over, she has mentally fucked half of those in the room.

It is her little secret and she smiles to herself at the wetness gathered between her legs. When the meeting concludes for the day, she is swept up in the mass of people making their way through the lobby to the elevators. Though she is anxious to get to her room to change for the pool, she patiently waits for an available lift then squeezes into the crowed car.

At each floor, she pushes further back to allow others to exit. In the crush of bodies, the air stills and she is more aware of the scent emminating from her. She wonders if others can smell it too. As the elevator moves upward, slowly progressing to her floor, the car empties.

Eventually only her and one man remain. She notices that only one light is lit on the panel and figures that he must also be staying on the 26th floor. Before she has a chance to make small talk, he steps closer to her and says in a low, sexy voice, "You smell delicious." A flood of shock surges through her - "He knows!" A mixture of embarrassment and elation wash over her and she is instantly curious to find out how this man discovered her secret.

She stands and looks at him, her mouth gaping open with shock. He continues to speak to her, his voice sending shivers throughout her entire body. He comes around to stand directly in front of her, places his index finger under her chin and raises her head until their eyes meet. Very sensuously he says, "You've been having a little fun this afternoon, haven't you?" Her entire body is electrified by his touch and the intoxicating sound of his deep voice.

Her mouth gaps open further but before she can speak, his lips descend onto hers, teasing her senses.

Reflexively her body responds and she is swept up in a wave of passion brought on only by his sensual mouth and probing tongue. She melts against him, letting him take control of her mind as well as her body.

babes face sitting and kinky footsex in stockings All too quickly, the elevator stops and the doors part. He draws his lips away from hers, slips an arm possessively around her waist and leads her from the car. She is too wrapped up in his charms to notice that they are walking in the opposite direction of her room. They pause briefly in front of his door and he momentarily removes his arm from around her to insert the card key.

They slip into the room, darkened against the bright sun by the drawn shades. Somehow at this particular moment, being inside doesn't bother her! He gathers her in his arms once more and devours her sweet lips. She can feel her nipples growing hard beneath her thin dress, pressing against his muscular chest. He can feel them too and becomes even more intent on finding the source of this woman's fire.

He has spent the afternoon in the same meeting room, similarly bored out of his mind with the subject at hand. He makes a habit of scanning the room in these situations to gaze at the lovely women and to test his ability, time and time again, to read people, their actions and possibly their thoughts, simply by observing their body language.

He caught a glimpse of this sexy one early in the morning. From his seat three rows back and to the left of hers, he gained the observational advantage. He watched her shift in her seat, the way she rolled from one side of her perfectly round ass to the other, then, when she thought no one was paying attention, she'd slide her hand casually along her thigh and let it rest at her crotch. He could see each movement of her muscles beneath her dress and it didn't take long for him to put together what she was doing!

He watched her over the hours casually turning her head, obviously scoping out the men in her line of vision; then she'd stop, stare intently, smile slyly, then begin running her tongue over her lips while her lower body began to ripple ever-so-slightly. She wasn't blatant about it, he was just very observant. With the visions of the afternoon fresh in his mind and her nipples pressing against him, he lowers her into a nearby chair.

As she relaxes and slopes down in the chair, he kneels in front of her, sliding his hand along her legs, up her thighs and raises the hem of her dress, moving his hand ever so lightly towards her wetness. He hears her sharp intake of breath as his fingers graze lightly across her panty-covered clit, making him grin and her body quiver with anticipation. His finger tugs the fabric from the side to reveal her beautifully shaven mound.

He slowly lowers his head to place soft kisses on her smooth skin as his other hand travels up her body to capture her breast.

She arches her back and grasps his head to pull him closer. She wants to feel all of him on all of her - flesh against flesh, and begins to unbutton her dress. His hand continues to fondle her breast even as she is releasing it from it's present encasement.

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He ceases his tantalizing, eager to help her to remove the bothersome barriers between them. His touch causes a trail of fire to engulf her body and she cannot get the clothing off fast enough. She stands and lets the dress fall to the floor, pooling around her ankles as his hands begin their masterful removal of her panties. Hot fuck specific for adorable babe with melons on his knees before her, his hands encircle her waist then dip inside the waistband, slowly caressing her flesh as he lowers them.

His face is achingly close to her pussy and he breathes in the luscious scent of her, the slow pace causing a sweet ache of desire. He gently lowers her back down into the chair then takes her legs and places them over his shoulders.

Grasping her ankles, his hands slide along her legs, as he leans in for the sweet taste of her perfectly shaven slit. He runs his tongue over and through her slit, rolling her clit between his tongue and teeth. His fingers dig in to part her flesh and she lets out a gasp of pleasure. His tongue darts over every part of her, alternating slow and fast strokes, then plunges into her.

She wraps her legs around his neck and grips his head insistently. Her hips rock with the pace of his mouth and she feels the wetness begin to run from her.

While still lapping her sweetness, he places two fingers inside, stroking and probing and sending her on a ride like she's never felt before. Before she knows what he's doing, he begins to rhythmically thrust into her, sending shockwaves throughout her body.

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Her breathing becomes erratic, her heartbeat pounding loudly in her ears. Her mouth becomes dry and her eyes strain to focus on him while her mind is lost in the mirage he's created. Very soon he is covered in a luscious shower of cum, coating his clothes and dripping onto the carpet.

He grabs her by the hand and falls backwards on the floor, bringing her down on top of him. She can feel his hard cock straining against his pants as she lays on him grinding her body into his.

Their lips lock in another tantalizing kiss and she tastes herself on his. They frantically tug his clothes off, not caring if they are torn in their haste. The glamour lesbian models rub and eat pussy of flesh increases their arousal.

She straddles him and rubs her slick lips over his engorged cock. In one quick motion, she engulfs him within her wanting pussy, shuddering as his large, hard cock fills her. Her muscles pulsate as he begins to thrust deeper with every stroke.

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She rocks and bounces with his rhythm digging her nails into his chest. His hands caress her back, squeezing and pulling her tightly against his frame, kneading her ass. He grips each cheek and spreads her completely apart then lightly rims her rosebud, driving her wild. The steady pressure against her ass causes her to press back against his fingers until he slowly inserts one. She lets out a joyous moan at the fullness and instantly another flood of juice bathes them.

The feel of her release causes him to plunge harder and deeper until he explodes throughout her wet canal. She screams with the pleasure as her ass and pussy convulse wildly leaving her completely drained. Their bodies soaked with sweat and cum, their heartbeats racing wildly, their heads light from the intensity of their pleasure, they lie on the floor side-by-side as she slides her hand through their mixture and massages english school xxx story ghiral 18 yer onto him, whispering that he will never again have another boring meeting, as long as he can remember the smell and taste of her sweetness.