Playgirl gives a ride gets creamed girlfriend hardcore

Playgirl gives a ride gets creamed girlfriend hardcore
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When you decide to invite a few friends over for a girls night in you have no idea how amazing your night will end. Most of the ladies are women that you know from work or church but a few of the ladies have asked if they could invite a friend over and promised they would bring extra drinks.

Being the fun loving person that you are you decide the more the merrier. As the ladies arrive there are tons of different groups having different conversations amongst themselves. But as you pour the ladies a glass of your favorite mixed drink you notice that it knocks the edge off and everyone begins to mingle and gossip.

You start to feel better about yourself hearing all of the drama that some of the ladies are going through. Between the husbands who can no longer get it up and the forewarnings about what ladies to keep at a distance you realize that this is just what all of the ladies needed a place to vent and not perfect curves chanel preston banged in her big bubble butt judged. You walk past the balcony on your way to find your phone charger when you see a young woman in a sundress that you have not met.

You wonder who has brought her here for a moment but the silhouette of her frame outlined by the street lights has you hoping that her face is as well put together as her body. You startle her when you slide the patio door open and she spills her drink on her breast as she spins around to see who is approaching her.

You offer her a few napkins as you introduce yourself as the host of the party.

She smiles and tells you that she came with Vanessa but she expected this type of party to be a lot more sexy. You look at her wide eyed as she tells you about how the last sleep over she went to. All of the ladies had to wear lingerie and there were twerk contest and name that fruit games played as the ladies blindfolded one another and stuck bananas and strawberries and cherries in each other's mouth.

You almost have to catch your breath before telling her that you would love to go to a party like that. "Yeah, I want to go to another one with nothing but bad bitches like you this time. There were a lot of ratchet chicks I wouldn't even let breathe on my pussy much less taste it".

You blush as she calls you a bad bitch even though you normally don't go for anyone calling you anything other than beautiful.

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Her rawness coupled with such teens get naked and fuck at party halloween special with a threesome amazing body makes you wonder if you can trust a girl who is so loose with her tongue. You start to stare at her mouth as she talks. The way she uses her hands to speak and the way she licks her lips between sentences has you sizing her up. You offer to refreshen her drink since she spilled the rest of hers when she was startled.

You also refreshen the other ladies drinks as you go inside hoping that they will all be too tipsy to notice that you have strayed away from your own party. When you return you notice that your new friend has pulled down the front of her dress to wipe away the excess moisture from under her breast.

You feel your clit thump as you get close enough to see her nipple. You stare for a moment as she lifts the other breast. You had no clue that this night would lead to a topless woman standing in front of you teasing her nipples while unaware of your presence. You clear your throat as you approach her but she doesn't put them away.

Instead she tells you how sticky her nipples are after spilling her drink on them. You hand her a cup and as she takes a sip a droplet rolls down her full bottom lip across her chin, down her neck and between her cleavage. You want to lick along the trail so bad knowing that the liquor will be so sweet on your tongue.

"I might have to take a shower before the ladies get ready to go to bed" she says to you while staring at your hardening nipples. "Ooh you have piercings, I want to get some so bad but I'm scared.

Can I see yours?" Your body is paralyzed with fear as you imagine someone walking in as you pull out your bountiful breast for another woman to gaze upon. You feel your juices moistening your lips as you lift your top and unclasp your sheer bra. You watch her eyes get big as you pull your bra up and cup your breast. Without asking she begins to play with your nipple rings.

You moan before realizing it and she laughs saying, "Yeah, mine are really sensitive too." You reach out and mimick the way she is rubbing your nipple. She jumps and begins to breathe heavily. As you continue to twist and pull at her nipples her waist begins to move as if she's riding a stallion. You hear someone coming down the hallway so you both hide your breast.

It is Vanessa checking to see if her friend is ready to leave. You brush your hair back with your face turning red when she tells Vanessa that she is spending the night. You try to contain your smile mom seduce son at sleeping you bite your lip and go to check on your guest.

Most of the women have either left or have gotten too drunk and chose a spot to lay on your couch as the sleep off the alcohol and fun. You lock the door after Vanessa leaves and decide to grab a piece of cake and the rest of the bottle of liquor.

You take a sip from the bottle before entering the room and locking the door behind you. She is still on the patio where you left her but she has now removed her sundress.

"Mmm cake, who's candle are you going to blow on tonight". Instead of answering you hand her the bottle and dip you finger into the frosting before rubbing it across her lips.

You kiss her passionately while grabbing a handful of her ass with your free hand. You feel her grinding her panty clad kitten up and down your thigh as her panties get wetter.

You slip your hands into her panties and rub her clit as she breaks your kiss and leans against the cold railing. She massages her own breast and tosses her head back before gazing at you with a look of pure unadulterated lust. She pulls your hand from her panties and sucks your finger. "Take it off" she tells you as she walks past you and sits on the bed. You turn to see her arch her back to get her panties off and you pull your top over your head.

Not wanting her to see how wet your panties are you turn and unbutton your skirt. Peeling it over your plump ass before letting it fall to the floor. You look over your shoulder and she is already rubbing her clit; bottle still in hand.

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Faye reagan eye on the balls you walk over she opens her legs wider so you can see her slip a finger inside her treasure trove. Your thighs quiver as you stand there with cake in hand. She tells you to lay on your stomach as she takes the plate from you. You oblige and she straddles your back with her wet pussy resting on your lower back. She reaches behind you and plays in your wetness as she leans forward and begins to kiss your shoulders.

You arch your ass up so she can really play between those glistening lips. As she kisses and licks your spine you bury your face in the pillow to muffle your excitement. You feel her crawl off of you and then you feel your cheeks spread. You try to look back when you feel the sticky substance and realize that she has rubbed cake all over your cake. She kisses and licks your cheeks before diving face first into your ass to lick the icing out.

As you throw it back on her face she slides two of her petite fingers inside of you. Rubbing your g spot as if she had been playing with it for a lifetime. You reach between your thighs alternating between stroking and pinching your clit until you fall to the bed after cumming so hard that you have to focus just to be able to breathe. She nudges you over onto your back and kisses you deep with a mixture of your juices and frosting.

You are so turned on that you make her get up and lead her to the sliding doors after grabbing the bottle. You open the door and push her back until the door is parting her cheeks.

You pour a liitle liquor on her neck before sucking on it as you press your breast against hers. She grabs your ass and you pour enough to cover both of your breast. She begins to lick and suck all over your breast until you have to grab her by the neck and remind her that this is your time to show off your skills.

As you flick your tongue you push both breast together and swipe your tongue from left to right. She goes insane begging you to finger fuck her but once again you have to show her who is in charge.

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You turn her around and spank her while pouring the sweet concoction on her ass. The heat radiating from her body lets you know she can't take much more so you kneel before her and kiss her where you spanked her before allowing her to show you where she wants your tongue.

She turns around and rubs her clit while putting one leg over your shoulder. As you suck her clit you return the favor by sliding two fingers inside of her. She grabs the back of your head and collects her breast under her free arm before bouncing up and down on your fingers. You keep your lips wrapped around her clit and your hands get wetter as she begins to shake. She continues to hold your head so you continue to suck as you push your fingers into her deeper and faster.

Once again she shakes just seconds after her first orgasm.

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She slides off your fingers and sucks them before sucking your breast and rubbing your clit. With your back against the railing She lifts your legs onto her shoulders as you hold her hair in a pony tail.

Her tongue darts in and out of your pussy while rotating against your walls as she rubs your clit. Your free hand holds the railing as you buck and grind against her face. She places her hands under your ass to balance you as you stare into her eyes peeking over your mound.

Her nose teasing your clit as she buries her face into your juices. With no pillow to muffle your screams she eats you faster and faster as the things you say become dirtier and dirtier. Your body seizes and she continues to lick and suck until you have finished cumming.

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She lets you down slowly and you grab her a towel for her to dry off with as you lead her to the shower. As you tip toe past the drunken sleeping women she rubs your ass and you rub her clit in return.

As you start the shower you both agree that no panties will be worn to bed so you can continue to eat each other throughout the night……&hellip.