Fisting skinny teen sluts cavernous wrecked pussy

Fisting skinny teen sluts cavernous wrecked pussy
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Fucking Machines Not long after we were married we started experimenting with a number of items that were similar to cocks, back in the good old days, the 60s there were not many porn shops with toys, at least where we lived.

So a trip to the super market and to the meat counter or the fresh vegetable stand was the place where interesting items that replicated ones fantasy of Phallic symbols. The vegetables that were of the greatest interest were squash zucchini and cucumbers the sizes and unusual shapes pretty well dictated how they could best be used.

The meat counter at the time only afforded Salami and Bologna in long firm meaty cylinders about 2"to 2 1/2" diameter and approximately 10" long. These turned out to be the best, Slip a condom on them and drop them in a warm bucket of water and when ready whip a little "slick em" on the tool and wallah! Ready to go!!!. My girl at first went with me to pick and choose what she thought would be the best for the occasion, but as time went by she told me, to pick the ones i wanted and to surprise her as this fitted much better with her fantasy's of blindfolded bondage and the uncertainty as to what I was going to do or use on her.

The strap ons that one could find of the day were fairly hard rubber but as time went on they improved and became much softer and more lifelike. Over the years I built five different fucking machines, The 3/4 ton truck screw jack mentioned in ( Am I Normal part 3 )but it was mechanical this literally kept her on her toes provided entertainment and was enjoyable for both.

(THEIR IS ALSO A PICTURE OF ME USING IT ON HER IN THE PICTURES I have POSTED!) I saw a porn video once that had a girl standing, with a gallon paint can under each high heel, her hands were tied over her head and she was totally nude a stand with a dick dildo similar to the set up i had was impaling her, the would be tormentor was threatening to kick the cans out so that she would receive the full benefit and depth of this diabolic device.

I threatened to do a similar thing to my girl and her words were, quite sarcastic I am so scared!. Three of the machines i built were all pretty much the same with the exception of speed and power see sex with hawt adorable girl hardcore and blowjob they had slow turning and variable speed electric motors, these were attached to a 2 x 4 approximately 3' wide that was either tied or strapped to her ankles or under the instep of her heels.

They all had arms of different lengths that rotated as the motor ran the arm was attached to a bolted on broom handle that had a short piece of rubber automotive hose doggy style sex for curvy awesome hottie the dildo slipped on and could slide up the handle some when the dildo encountered significant resistance.

In almost all cases she was bound and helpless when the machines were used on her! The length of the arm determined how deep the dildo would penetrate as it rotated, all were easily adjustable, speed of the motor, length of arm and size of toy to be used. I experimented with these units and my sweet heart became a willing test pilot, she never really liked any of these, but never complained her problem with them, was that they were never quite hard or fast enough.

I did really enjoy sucking on her while the machine did its thing!, i also really liked to get my nose down really close and watch the dildo go from deep full stroke penetration, to almost coming out of her.

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To watch her beautiful well lubed pussy swell with the initial full thrust and penetration, and then to watch it almost come out, as her pussy would kind of suck on it as if it did not want to let go, was very erotically stimulating to watch. She did burn up the electric motor on one of these machines, as she would squeeze the big dildo with her pussy muscles as she pushed up at the same time this would almost stall the motor.

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So after numerous encounters with this machine the motor finally gave out. She was quite proud of the fact that she had beaten the machine, Girl against Machine, Girl wins!!. This is a conversation that still comes up from time to time and even today is still enjoyable and amusing. The last toy powered thing i built was the the one that worked the best.

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It was a small variable speed saber saw that i had modified the the blade by grinding all the teeth off and attaching a short section of broom handle to the blade similar to the dick on a stick, which i could then slip on several different jada blows us away bubble butt brunette of toys.

The advantage of this was that it was very portable and it could be plunged in quite deep along with the added stroke of the saber saw, the angle it penetrated could easily be changed. It also had a much higher rate of speed. This particular unit saw quite a bit of action and could bring my girl to a very fast orgasm especially if one had sucked on her prior to its use, and i still have it.

There is also a picture of it in my pictures in use! All were fun to threaten her with and afforded a little something different.

Of course none of the ones i built would compare with the devices and machines currently being offered on "Fucking" as many of these are state of the art, and would make mine pale by comparison. Back in the early 90s i placed several ads in different adult magazines asking for anyone that would be interested in building what i call a virtual reality fucking machine, in that it would start out by the girl, who would want to use the machine, she would go on line fill out a questionnaire detailing her innermost sexual fantasy, and that she would further be interviewed and have a health physical to determine that she was healthy enough especially her heart so that she could endure all that the machine was capable of providing.

The machine would be programed for that fantasy, mild, moderate and to the extream. There would be several rooms with different machines each designed to accommodate what ever the girl wanted and would start out with her horizontal on her back, tummy or bent over, and she could also be in a vertical or inverted position.

From there she would be strapped into or onto the specific machine a set of special eye wear would cover her eyes, earphones would be placed on her head and secured, all sorts of attachments to her nipples and probes to her gentiles much like a stimpulse would be connected as well as to all her strategic nerve endings. She would be given the appropriate aphrodisiac for the specific fantasy or a special mixed chemical would be injected into her mound.

A time limit as well as a set amount of stimulation and orgasms would be determined before hand and if every thing was set properly she would get the most erotically stimulating and satisfying experience of her life. Also this machine could easily be modified for big tits red head anal glory hole slut strangers and gloryhole and gays or lesbians.

Don't laugh almost every thing i have talked about is already here all one would have to do is put them all together. So wouldn't want to be the first on your block to have one. In today's world along with some of the new drugs and chemicals this could easily be done! Of course the prototype would be expensive, maybe we could apply for a grant? or better yet we could easily get some "stimulus money" as what would be more stimulating.I thought many of you might get a kick out of this story from back in the good old days!

If any reader would like to comment on this story or any of my other stories please send me a message as I welcome all comments?

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