The Northumberland Shore in Nova Scotia is home to spectacular sand beaches and warm water of the Northumberland Strait. With 450 kilometers of coastline, more than thirty fine-sand beaches and thousands of kilometres of hiking trails to explore. With so much beauty in this coast line to chose from, it is astounding that one small place in particular stands out to me. Caribou-Munroes Island Provincial Park in Caribou, Nova Scotia.

As an avid traveler and explorer choosing just one place was a difficult task but there is no place I love more than home. I am fortunate enough to live somewhere where the beach is never far. I have been to so many beaches across Nova Scotia and have fallen in love with all for many different reasons. I have always been a lover of the ocean and everything it holds. From building sandcastles, fishing, swimming and boating the beach holds so many chances for great memories. With memories I have made and the beauty of the beach I have surely found my favourite

Throughout the day the Park serves as a excellent place of relaxation with a great deal to do. The park is a great place for Picnics and barbecues, beach days, swimming, walking/hiking or laying out and enjoying the summer weather. The sandy beach appears almost never ending while you walk for miles along the coast. But as day falls to night the park only becomes prettier. The sunsets of Nova Scotia are unlike any other especially on the beach. Caribou Park is the perfect location to walk the beach and watch the sun go down. Once the sunset is over, your time at the park does not have to be. You can enjoy the great outdoors a bit longer at the campground located at the park. The campground is enjoyed by many and is a great family friendly wilderness experience for all.

I have been going to Caribou-Munroes Island Provincial Park for as long as I can recall. Some of my favourite memories including class trips, birthday parties and beach days have taken place at Caribou Park. In Grade seven my school took us on a class trip to Caribou Park where we had “field day” filled with games and team building activities followed by a barbeque. Having all of my classmates with me made for such a special memory which I will cherish forever. Secondly, I have attended many parties at this park which are some of the oldest memories I hold. This is yet another amazing experience with my friends and family that has taken part at such a wonderful location. Lastly, beach days at Caribou Park are a must with my friends and family. It is a wonderful peaceful place to bond with friends and pass the time. With fond memories such as these, Caribou Park will always hold a place in my heart.

Caribou-Munroes Island Provincial Park is one of the most recognized beaches in my home town. It is certainly the most visited and walked upon beach by my friends and I. Last summer this was certainly mine and my friends favourite place to be. Ethan, Jake, Josh, Robbie and I spend the majority of our summer days swimming at this beach. Me being the first one in the water, Usually not by choice. With most of my friends being boys I was usually persuaded to play catch, frisbee and football which I’m not the best at but it is still a very fun way to pass the time. It was that summer at Caribou Park where our friendships started and ever since then has continued to grow with those fond memories to reminisce on.

This year, My senior prom photos were taken at the Pictou Lodge and Beach Front resort which is located on the Caribou-Munroes Island beach. The beautiful beach made a wonderful background for photos. Prom is such a memorable event and I’m so happy I will be able to look back and have my favourite place in all of my greatest memories.

I am so grateful I received the opportunity to share Caribou-Munroes Island Beach with you all. If you are ever in Nova Scotia this is defiantly a place to visit.


Miss Teenage Northern Nova Scotia 💙


Written by: Hi im Lindsey, Miss Teenage Northern Nova Scotia

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  1. Rob says:

    Good work Lindsey. Good pics – you could work to make them EXPAND to fill the page ? But you have put a lot of work into this and you’re a good writer.

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