I have always dreamed about walking across a huge stage competing for the title Miss Teenage Canada! Who would have thought coming from a small town like New Glasgow, I would be lucky enough to get the chance to compete for Miss Teenage Canada! Im going to come home with so much, a experience to last a life time, new friends and so much more! I have always loved performing on stage, or even just performing for anyone who would just sit and watch! Miss Teenage Canada partners with Free The Children this is such a great cause and I am very happy I get to raise money for them and support children around the world who are less fortunate than me! Free The Children was founded in 1995 created by Criag Kielburger who was only 12 years old, he gathered 11 school friends to help fight child labour! I had the great fortunate to meet Nazanin Afahin-Jam. Nazanin was crowned Miss World Canada and Miss world Americas in 2003 as well as Miss world runner up. She is a strong human rights activist and an inspiration to girls and women!

When I began this journey several months ago, I had no idea how both challenging and exhiliarating it would be.  I’ve been humbled by the community support I have received from both friends and strangers.  I have met and received tremendous support from a former Miss Teen Canada contestant from the 1980’s.  This wonderful lady has persued and has a successful career in provincial politics.  She is a huge asset to our community.  I feel that the Miss Teenage Canada produces many future leaders and humanitarians.   I am confident that I can go forward and change the world in a positive manner.

Miss Teenage Canada  produces wonderful young women who know that inner beauty and confidence will lead them to great things in the future.  It teaches all delegates that being a positive role model in your community is of the utmost  importance.  Miss Teenage Canada delegates leave the experience changed for the better, they go on to become strong young women who are the future of the vast nation we live in.


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