My platform is mental health and I really wanted to learn so much more then I already knew,  I had the chance to go to a support group fro mental health and just listen in and ask questions. I was very nervous to go at first not knowing what to expect but once I got there I became very comfortable and everyone was so kind and brave!

This was defintley very different then just sitting in my class room listening to my teacher and reading books on different types of mental health but getting to meet real people who struggle with it everyday,  it was so different to hear their stories and to understand just a little bit more of what they go through it was truly amazing and they are such amazing strong people!

All the people I met were all so brave and were all role models to me. I learned so much and it was definitley a experience i will never forget,  I was shocked and very sad to hear some stories but other stories were for sure positive.

I truly believe no body understands what people go through every day not even a doctor no one understands unless you are going through it too. The stigmas NEED to be removed and to do that we all need to work together.

I left the meeting feeling very grateful but also so sad for people that have to go through that everyday I know it can’t be easy but this is why i chose mental health for my platform and I believe someday I will make a difference!

Written by: Makayla

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